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Are you suffering from sciatica pain and need a better solution than just painkillers? Have you tried physical therapy or other treatments for your sciatica without much relief? Our chiropractic team at Zen Care Physical Medicine in Irvine has been very successful in treating sciatica pain sufferers after only a few short visits.

Today, millions of Americans suffer from low back pain and sciatic nerve pain, and for the most part, medication or surgery have been the only options available, none of which are a real solution. Why? Medication, especially those classified as narcotic drugs which work best for such pain is highly addictive and serves no other purpose than masking the nerve pain. Surgery, on the other hand, is considered risky as many things can go wrong including the typical side effects such as the risk of infection, nerve damage and bleeding.

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The one solution that by far is the most effective without any of the side-effects of the traditional solutions is Chiropractic BioPhysics — a branch of chiropractic that is a lot more effective in correcting nerve interference which is the is the root cause of sciatica pain.

Chiropractic BioPhysics or CBP is the most advanced, researched and results-oriented chiropractic approaches anywhere. Unlike regular chiropractic that only provides temporary relief for sciatica pain sufferers, CBP aims to correct the root cause of sciatica by addressing spinal misalignments. Through a therapeutic yet effective series of spinal adjustments, traction, decompression, and exercises, our Irvine chiropractic team will reshape the structure of your spine, and in the process, eliminate your sciatica pain symptoms.

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Are you in pain? Do you know loved ones who have lost their mobility and wellness because of sciatica pain? There’s no reason to wait because the problem won’t resolve itself. If anything, sciatica only gets worse, causing even more discomfort and pain down the line.

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