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Orange County’s Most Successful Doctor: Dr. Jay Kang

Orange County’s Most Successful Doctor: Dr. Jay Kang

Patients Get Top-Notch Results at Zen Care Physical Medicine in Irvine, CA

When reviewing Dr. Jay Kang’s large list of accomplishments in his career as a chiropractor, two primary words come to mind: dedicated and talented.

It’s also clear that he holds his team members to the same level of prestige with a staff full of amazing achievements. Together, the team at Zen Care Physical Medicine provides a cutting-edge treatment that works while still understanding the importance of a personal touch.

Dr. Kang’s unique approach to chiropractic care helps provide both short-term relief and long-term results for people from all walks of life.

Successfully helping patients without the need for invasive treatment is what sets the Zen Care Physical Medicine clinic apart from the rest. This is done by addressing the true underlying issues that are causing a person to suffer, such as spine misalignment and poor posture.

How Spine Alignment and Posture Affect Our Health

Many of us don’t realize the significance that posture and the shape of our spines play in our everyday health. In fact, we often slouch into our car seats, desk chair, and couches without realizing the true repercussions it can be causing.

The real truth is that posture does matter quite a lot. This is because poor posture and spine changes affect the integrity of our nervous system.

Spending excessive time in a forward slumped position strains our nerves, impedes nerve flow, and can manifest as a whole plethora of health issues throughout the body. High-quality studies show us over and over again that poor posture can lead to declining health.

Just like a garden hose with low water pressure will affect the ability of a rose bush to thrive, so will a pinched nerve caused by spine misalignment in the human body. If something isn’t done to improve the flow of water, or in our case nerve flow, the outcomes can be dire. Thus, restoring optimal nerve flow should always be a top priority to prevent unnecessary suffering and disease.

Other Chiropractors Refer to Us

Dr. Jay Kang of Zen Care Physical Medicine (Irvine Chiropractic) and his entire team have been helping residents of Irvine, CA, and Orange Country feel their best by sustainably addressing the true underlying cause of their pain and dysfunction.

With the use of expert-based treatment protocols, such as Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP), they can provide hope to patients that have given up on getting any true relief. This is why even orthopedic surgeons will refer to Dr. Kang’s office first to ensure that they’ve tried every avenue for non-invasive relief.

The Zen Care Physical Medicine team is ready to help you with a vast array of health-related issues, including neck pain, back pain, headaches, joint pain, migraines, and general fatigue. Plus, they can even help you tackle more ambiguous issues related to fibromyalgia, digestive problems, asthma, high blood pressure, low immunity, insomnia, and more.

Regardless of what you’re suffering from, their holistic non-invasive approach will get you results that expand far beyond pain relief. You will have more energy and joy for doing what you love as well.

If pain and disease have become a normal part of your life and you’re ready for a change, give Zen Care Physical Medicine a call. We are here for you to see how corrective care can help you reach your health goals.

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